We brought together four amazing Ukrainian artists to show you the power of dance

Ukrainian artists have reputation of strong and powerful dancers not to say that they are famous for their hard work and discipline. “Ukrainian style” in Oriental dance is believed to be influenced by ballet and modern dance. Joining the “UA” project you will be able to find out more about Ukrainian dancers and you will be surprised by their diversity and originality — different approaches and techniques, uniqueness and personal touch of every artists.

What unites them? It’s real love and true passion to dance despite the chaos of war that surrounds Ukrainian dancers. The power of Ukrainian artists is going way beyond the dance world. Today they demonstrate a strong will and bravery keeping on performing and teaching.
We are proud to present you 4 different artists with different background, vision and dance technique. Olena, Tatiana, Natalia and Dana will offer you their prerecorded workshops of choreographies that you can learn for your pleasure and perform at any show or competition.

Tatiana Tarasova

Tatyana is a professional dancer, choreographer and oriental dance teacher from Ukraine.  Multiple winner and winner of international festivals.  As a child, she was engaged in ballroom and modern dances.  Initially, she did not connect her future with dancing, she studied at the university as a lawyer, but from the age of 21 she began to study oriental dances and a year later she began to take part in Ukrainian competitions in oriental dance.  After graduating from the university, she worked as an assistant judge, but in the end, her love and desire to dance overcame her and at the age of 26 she quit her job and began to actively attend master classes of Egyptian and European teachers.  At the age of 28, she opened her own dance school in Ukraine, she taught not only adults, but also children.  She is a licensed Judge of the Ukrainian Association of Eastern Dance Performers of Ukraine. Pupils of Tatyana Tarasova took part in competitions and became prize-winners and winners.  She took part in several television Ukrainian shows and starred in a music video. For five years she was the organizer of her oriental dance festival in Ukraine.  Currently lives in the Czech Republic.

Dana Siropolka

Dana is a  is a talented, charismatic, professional bellydancer and  choreographer from Ukraine. Head and teacher of her own studio “Dana-Dance Studio”. Dana is licensed judge and trainer, teacher of training dance sessions and workshops in Ukraine and all around the world. Dana is Multiple winner of international festivals in Egypt, Italy, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Korea. Absolute Champion of Ukraine in the Professional category. Miss Bellydance Ukraine and Miss Bellydance Europe. Winner of the promotion “Person of the Year” 2016-2021. Dana studied the art and technique of bellydance with professional stars such as Randa Kamel, Dina, Mohamed Shahin, Khaled Mahmoud, Kazafy,Tito Seif and many other talented dancers and teachers. For today Dana is a professional bellydancer and teacher with her own style. She has many of her students in Ukraine and all around the world and she is happy to give her knowledge. 

Olena Sinelnikova

Olena Sinelnikova is a professional choreographer and accredited judge of Ukrainian and international dance competitions and festivals, a teacher with many years of experience and the author of unique training programs; she is also the founder of Isfahan Oriental Dance School and organiser Isfahan Bellydance Festival one of a few experts in Ukraine with a deep knowledge of Egyptian folklore. Olena is the coach of dance champions, her students are full-fledged choreographers, teachers, belly dance stars and winners of prestigious international competitions in Egypt, Italy, Greece, Poland, Korea and Ukraine. 

Natalia Goncharova

Natalia is a professional bellydancer. Director of own dance school “Paradise”. Natalia has been teaching bellydance for over 15 years. Before the war she had more than 100 students in her school. A creator of my own Zoom-studio (online school). A judge and workshops teacher of Ukraine. Natalia’s students are already not only dancers, but also teachers. A teacher and choreographer of champions of Ukraine and winners of international competitions.

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