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1. Introduction.
Description: listen to a short Julia Farid's welcome video, where she is introducing herself, giving tips on effective fulfilling the program and talking about goals.
Music credit link

— "Oum Kalthoum or "Abdel Halim Hafez". Make a list of your answers and send it to us.
— "Goals and tasks". Write down 3 short-term goals and hide this paper. Write down a list of your personal tasks that you want to achieve till the end of the course. I recommend you keeping this list to hand.
Month 1
2. Warm up for dancers.
Description: Let's prepare for our course warming up our body and reminding ourselves how important it is for an effective dance training!
Today's class is a warm-up class. Be attentive and remember to warm up every time before you start practicing your dance.
Music credit link
3. Maya and camel. Technique and variations.
Description: Let's cover Maya and Camel moves. We will talk about variations and ways to embellish Maya and Camel.
Music credit "Baladi Osama", Osama Shahin and Friends' band link "Banady Aleik", Wael Mansour's CD.
Homework — Do 30-seconds improvisation using Maya and its variations. Send us your video.
 — Do 30-seconds improvisation using Camel step and its variations. Send us your video.
4. Hip accents.
Description: in this episode I will suggest you different variations of hip accents and a leg kick: replacing a basic drop with arch, camel, twist; adding shimmy or hops on top of it; diversifying the move adding relevé or plié to it.
Music credit "Mahbuba", "Yalla" CD by Orhan Ismail.

5. Types of shimmy.
Description: let's master our shimmy and work on its types. We will focus on knees and hips work as well as on relaxation while doing shimmy.
Music credit
"Mahbuba", "Yalla" CD by Orhan Ismail
"Esmaouni", Safa Farid's orchestra.
Homework practice each type of shimmy and send us your videos with notes — which one is your favorite, which one you find difficult, what was new in this class.
6. Arms technique: special warm-up and tips.
Description: let's work on our arms today! In this class we will talk about 4 important aspects of arms technique: shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. We will do a special warm up and exercises for arms that will help you to develop flexibility and fluidity of your moves.
Music credit
"Samai part from Wael Mansour's "Mejanse"
Link for practicing
7. Five types of haggalah step and Soheir Zaki step variations. Combo for practice.
Description: let's work on haggala and Soheir Zaki steps. In this lesson I will offer you different variations of these moves that can enrich your dance vocabulary and embellish your improvisation or choreography.
Music credit
""El Helwa Dair Shebakha", Safaa Farid.
"Medley ya banat" - "Best oriental music compositions 2011. Nahawnd II", Yousry Sharif.
Homework: record the video demonstration of all types of haggala you know. If there is any kind of haggala not presented in the class, dance it too and share your own explanation.
Short combos
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