“Sparkling Me” —
a new make-up course by TIPS4HIPS

We've been through thousands of performances, hundreds of photo shoots, dozens of very unsuccessful make-up. So we gathered all our experience. Made a course in stage makeup for artists, after which you can do your dream make-up by yourself

The “Sparkling Me” makeup course is made by an artist for artists.

Our dedicated teacher is

  • 20+ years of Middle Eastern Dance Experience;
  • International Performer;
  • 1st place winner of Lelah Masriya Dance Festival in Cair,Egypt
    (Pro-Soloist Category, 2014);
  • 1st place winner of USA Belly Dance Queen Competition;
  • (Troupe Category with Azhar Dance Ensemble, 2013);
  • Specializes in Egyptian Dance - Oriental, Folklore, and Modern but well-versed in other Middle Eastern dance styles.
  • Amara has a passion for makeup artistry. Due to popular demand,
    she also teaches makeup workshops to show performers how to enhance their natural beauty and cater it for stage.

In one month you'll learn step by step how to do stage make-up. We will guide you through the most important and interesting topics:   how to prepare your face for make-up, makeup aspects for dry and oily skin, how to make smoky eyes, how to apply eyeliner, how to make your eyebrows and lips look perfect and others. We are also very proud to offer makeup techniques for different face types.

The 25 capacious, short, waterless course videos are not about abstract theory, but about knowledge tested in practice at numerous shows. With the help of the “Sparkling Me” course you will master your makeup skills with ease and become your own makeup artist.

What to expect at the course?

September 16 — 14 October
course duration

The duration of the course is 1 month. Lessons will open consecutively - Monday, Wednesday Friday

25 video lessons

the course will include 25 short but detailed video lessons

The topics we will look at

Introduction & Preparation

  • oily skin;
  • dry skin/combination;
  • everyday skin care routine.

Foundation and Concealer

  • dry skin;
  • oily skin;
  • everyday makeup;
  • stage makeup;
  • mature skin;
  • deep-toned skin.

Contour and blush

  • high cheekbones;
  • oval face shape;
  • round face shape.

Brow & Eyes

  • gradient brow;
  • cat eye liner;
  • cut Crease for Non-Hooded Eyes;
  • mascara and lashes;
  • smokey eye;
  • eye glitter;
  • eye make up for monolid eye (so called Asian type);
  • hooded eyes makeup.


  • fuller lips;
  • glitter lips;
  • gradient lips;
  • smokey eye.

Highlighter and Finishing Touches

  • highligter and finishing touches.


  • 25 lessons
  • Additional materials for the lessons (checklists, instructions)
  • Chat access for course participants
  • Access to the course 6 months after completion

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Special price
for marathon participants

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