Golden Voice


This course will be a series of intensive weekends dedicated to different tarab singers of Egypt: dancing to live band, learning choreographies, improvising, discovering more about composers and singers and diving deep into Egyptian culture.

The "Golden voices of Egypt", edition 1 will be dedicated to the most famous and loved artist of Arab world, the nightingale of the Nile — Oum Kalthoum.

If you are looking for the most emotional intensive course on Classic Egyptian song, you’ve wanted to understand every nuance of Tarab, feel all the smallest details — you’ve got a great chance on course "Golden voices of Egypt".

Friday, 19.11

  • 6 p. m-7 p. m Rome time — Lecture "Oum Kalthoum, Nightingale of the Nile".
  • 7 p. m-8 p. m Rome time — Technique class "Harmony of movement in classic oriental dance".

Saturday, 20.11

  • 6 p. m-9 p. m Rome time — Choreography class with Julia Farid — "Daret al Ayam".

Sunday, 21.11

  • 7 p. m -9 p. m Rome time — Special class with Cristina of Cairo and Cairo Band by Mohamed Reda.
  • 9 p. m-10 p. m Rome time — Q&A session .

A unique bonus for all participants — Julia Farid’s feedback on your dancing to classic oriental style.

IMPORTANT INFO: workshops will be recorded and you will have 2 weeks access to all materials.
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