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Friends, we are very grateful for your participation in the course. Without you, nothing would have happened for sure. It is very important for us to make a quality and useful product, but without your feedback it would not be possible. We ask you to take another 5 minutes of your time and take a survey on our course.
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How did you find out about the course?
How clear and accessible was the material in the course to you? Were all the topics covered?
0 nothing is clear, 10 everything is accessible and understandable
How practical are the case studies and course tools?
0 are not practical. I cannot apply this knowledge in my own practice. 10 very practical. Can apply this knowledge in practice.
How useful were the course homework assignments to you?
0 are useless. 10 is useful. Already know how to implement the results in my practice
How useful were the additional materials for the course?
0 are useless, not applicable to my practice. 10 very useful
Do you think the course covers all topics?
If you answered no in the previous question, what topics were you missing in the course?
Do you think there is enough time for the proposed material?
If you are not a member of our main programme, what is stopping you?
Final mark for the course
0 — did not like anything. 10 — liked everything
Comment on your grades? What would you like to improve/change.
Please accept our thousand thanks