Baladi Week


All about Baladi in 7 days.
I offer you this unique Baladi course that in a short period gives you all necessary tools for your unforgettable Baladi performance.
Baladi is my favorite dance style and I can teach it for months. I spent years studying it with the best Egyptian masters, deepening my knowledge and creating my own vision of Baladi based on both on traditional way of performing it and cabaret style performed on big stages.
Baladi Week is for you if:

– you want to understand the essence of Baladi, to develop your improvisation skills and practice technique.


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– you search for information about Baladi or you need to structure it.
– you want to perform a Baladi choreography
– you need fresh ideas for your performances
– you danced Baladi many times and you want to create a different image on stage.

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