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Friends, this page was created especially for marathon participants. You are the first to have the opportunity to read and learn about our new products, which will either be released next week or are planned for launch.
We appreciate that we have the kindest and most responsive people in our dance family, so we are always happy to offer you the best conditions.
There will be special prices for marathon participants for seven days until 25th April inclusive. We have also put together two packages of our products, where you can buy our products on even better terms.
We will not be announcing this page in the public domain. The thing is that we have a limited number of places for the new teacher course. This is due to the fact that we technically have a limit on the number of people we can qualitatively work with. It is important to us that all TIPS4HIPS dance family members can buy the course first, and only after that will we launch the course for public sale.
If you prefer to pay in two or three steps, please email us and we will make a special link for you to pay in two or three steps.
Thank you for supporting our projects. This gives us the motivation to constantly grow and create new products for you.
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