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"My dance breakthrough"
course lasts 4 months, includes 48 videos 20−30 minutes length each. It’s designed for intermediate and advanced dancers as well as for teachers of Oriental dance.

Important notes:
Once the Course starts, we open access to 3 tutorials every week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It helps to organize the dance process in a smooth and effective way.
You get a 5 years access to the Course from the moment you buy "My Dance Breakthrough" program.
"My dance breakthrough" will help you to master your technique and to deepen your knowledge. It has a lot of practical tips on enriching your dance vocabulary and making your performances unforgettable.
Month 1 and Month 2
Technique and combos
From the basic move through its variations and overlays: hip drop, camel, maya, haggala, zaki, circle, jewel step, horse step, arabesques, turns, shimmy, isolations, knees and locks technique, traveling steps and many more.
The classes contain the detailed break down of every move + short combos for you to practice.
This block includes a short lecture on the history of oriental dance.
Month 3
Rhythms and combos.
15 different rhythms: reading the rhythms, hearing them in music, improvising and learning combos.
Month 3 includes a lecture about Oriental music and musical instruments, a lecture about Arabic rhythms and a special class with an invited drummer.
Month 4
Choreographies: a detailed breakdown of Raks el Sharki choreography and drum solo.
Month 4 includes a lecture about famous Egyptian singers and composers and tips on preparing for your performance.
The last class is a "My dance breakthrough" graduation, where the participants present their performances.
Get a free lesson
Just type your contacts and we send you access for free lesson
It's totally free