Autumn is a perfect time to reflect and to observe. Let’s close our eyes and start improvising…
We want to bring you in a place where you unite with music, where you express your feelings and melody through your body and your moves.
This marathon is created for you and it’s aimed to bring your improvisation to another level — smooth and relaxed improvisation
of an inspired, self-secure dancer.

Day 1
18:00 Rome time
Introduction. Correspondences between music and body movement. Julia Farid’s lecture and mini class.
Homework 1.
Day 2
18:00 Rome time
Rhythmology with Evgeniy Strelnikov
Homework 2
+ bonus (rhythms breakdown — handout for participants)
Day 3
18:00 Rome time
Percussionist&Dancer. Secrets of smooth live improvisation with Evgeniy Strelnikov
+ bonus (prerecorded darbuka improvisation by Evgeniy for your personal practice)

Day 4
18:00 Rome time
Hips improvisation, variations of steps and transitions with Julia Farid
Homework 3
+ Bonus (prerecorded mini class with a warm-up before your improvisation)
Day 5
18:00 Rome time
Arms and upper body improvisation with Julia Farid.
Homework 4
+ bonus (a prerecorded combo)

Day 6
18:00 Rome time
INSPIRE class and interview with our special star guest — Mercedes Nieto.

Day 7
18:00 Rome time
ImproWise party for all participants of Marathon
Dancing to your favorite music, glass of champagne, lottery, certificates and new announcements by TIPS4HIPS team
Your guide in dance technique, improvisation vocabulary and combos
Julia Farid
Your guide in rhythms and improvisation with a drummer
Evgeniy Strelnikov
Your guide in improvisation to live music and connecting to it and our Special Guest
Mercedes Nieto
What platform will the marathon be run on?
The marathon will be held in a private Instagram account.

If I can't attend online, will I be able to watch later?
If you don’t manage to watch the broadcasts online, you can watch them later at your convenience. If you have any questions, we will answer them in our Telegram Channel.
How long will I have access to the marathon after I finish?
You will have one month after the end of the marathon until 8 November.
How will homework be checked?
Homework is given for you to work through the movements on your own. It is important to do your homework so that you can learn the material better. There will not be a homework check at the marathon.
Will there be a space where all marathon participants can communicate?
The marathon will take place in a private Instagram account and there will be a general chat on telegram


  • 6 hours of useful content
  • 4 homework assignments
  • prerecorded tips and tasks
  • 3 mentors
  • Interview with a Special Guest Star
  • Party and different bonuses
  • access to classes for 3 weeks


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